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A selection of (primarily) Submarine related Collectibles and Memorabilia For Sale.

These are some items that I've picked up that I hope will find a home with other submariners who served on these boats. 
I have some Plaques, Patches, Post Cards1st Day Covers, and some Posters.

Let me know which items you would like, and give me your zip code.


 I'll pack your items and give you the total for most economical shipping.
You may then make payment by check, money order, or PayPal.

WWII brass knuckle knifeWWII Brass Knuckle Knife - authentic piece of militaria that I got from my uncle about 60 years ago. Go to full description below. Sold


USS Pollack SSN-603 ship's plaqueUSS Pollack (SSN-603) - painted resin emblem on a solid walnut plaque. $45


SSBN 730 belt buckle"USS Henry M. Jackson / SSBN 730" engraved on a chromed brass belt buckle. $15


USS HADO (SSN-604) unit tab -  imageUSS HADDO (SSN-604) - unit tab, or "rocker"  $4 (including postage)

USS ATLANTA (SSN-712) - hat or jacket patch.  $6  (including postage)


USS L. MENDEL RIVERS (SSN-686) - hat or jacket patch.  $6  (including postage)


Trident sub in Hood Canal - photoTrident submarine on the Hood Canal - photo measures 8" x 14" (not a laser print)  $8




Post Cards 

S-22/ SS-127 postcard - image  USS S-22/SS-127  - postcard  $3.50 (free shipping)


USS S-36/SS-141 postcard - image  USS S-36/SS-141  - postcard  $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Stingray SS-186 postcard - image  USS Stingray (SS-186) - postcard  $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Scamp (SS-277)  postcard - image  USS Scamp (SS-277) - postcard  $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Ling (SS-297) postcard - image  USS Ling (SS-297) - postcard  $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Kete (SS-369) postcard - image  USS Kete (SS-369) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Pickerel (SS-524) postcard - image  USS Pickerel (SS-524) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Sargo (SSN-583) postcard - image  USS Sargo (SSN-583) - postcard  $3.50 (free shipping)


USS George Washington (SSBN-598) postcard - image  USS George Washington (SSBN-598) launch postcard   $3.50  (free shipping)


USS George Washington (SSBN-598) postcard - image  USS George Washington (SSBN-598) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Patrick Henry (SSBN-599) postcard - image  USS Patrick Henry (SSBN-599) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Pollack SSN-603 postcard - image  USS Pollack (SSN-603) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping) 


USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN-618) postcard - image  USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN-618) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Tautog (SSN-639) postcard - image  USS Tautog (SSN-639) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Finback (SSN-670) postcard - image  USS Finback (SSN-670) - postcard   $3.50  (free shipping)


USS Providence (SSN-719) - postcard - image  USS Providence (SSN-719) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)



USS Helena (SSN-725) postcard - image  USS Helena (SSN-725) - postcard   $3.50 (free shipping)


USS Ohio (SSBN-726) postcard - image  USS Ohio (SSBN-726) - postcard  $3.50 (free shipping)



1st Day Covers - Cachets

USS Halibut SSGN-587 1967 cachet HonoluluUSS Halibut (SSGN-587) cachet 1967 Honolulu. $4.50 (free shipping)

Launch cover SSN-638 & 649 -  image USS Whale (SSN-638) & USS SUNFISH (SSN-649) - Double Launch Oct '66, with Whale cachet on reverse.   $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-664 -  image  USS Sea Devil (SSN-664) - Launched Oct. '67.   $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-688 -  image USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) - Launched Apr. '74.  $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-691 -  image USS Memphis (SSN-691) - Launched Apr. '76.  $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-693 - image USS Cincinnati (SSN-693) - Launched Feb. '77.  $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-694 - image USS Groton (SSN-694) - Launched Oct. '75.  $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-695 -  image USS Birmingham (SSN-695) - Launched Oct. '77.  $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-696 -  image USS New York (SSN-696) - Launched Jun. '77.  $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-704 -  image USS Baltimore (SSN-704) - Launched Dec. '80.  $4.50 (free shipping)


Launch cover SSN-714 -  image USS Norfolk (SSN-714) - Launched Oct. '81.  $4.50 (free shipping)


USS Michigan SSBN-727 launching 1st Day CoverUSS Michigan (SSBN-727) - launched Apr. '80.  $4.50 (free shipping)




WW1 Recruiting poster, Carrier Wing - image WW1 Recruiting Poster - 16" x 20" re-issue from the early '60s - Carrier Wing.  $18





WWII Brass Knuckle Knife

Ever since the publication Harold Petersonís American Knives in 1958, this huge brass gripped "Knuckle Knife" has been identified as the 1st Battalion Army Rangerís Knife. However, the fact that a handful of these rather scarce knives have surfaced with markings indicating that their origin was in fact Australia, makes it clear that these knives could have never seen service with an Army Ranger battalion that spent its entire World War II career in North Africa, Sicily and Italy! Due to Petersonís identification of this pattern of knife as one that was issued to the famous Army Ranger unit, these knives will no doubt continue to be referred to by that name. They are, however, in reality simply very wicked and impressive theater knives that likely saw service in the Pacific Theater, or were simply purchased as souvenirs by US servicemen who visited Australia during the war.

WWII brass knuckle knife

To put it simply, the knife is an impressive specimen of Australian manufacturing. Its large size and formidable brass knuckle guard brings to mind the classic Crocodile Dundee clichť "You call that a knife, THIS is a knife!". The knife is about 14 1/4" in overall length, with a 9 1/4" bowie style blade with a 3" false edge and an overall width of 2" at the widest portion of the blade. The brass knuckle guard and hilt is about 5" in length, and the exterior of the guard is augmented with 6 flat cog-like projections, and a single pointed projection, closest to the blade. The brass hilt appears to have been cast directly onto the blade, and some brass has flowed onto the blade during the casting process. This is a good thing, as this particular feature is only noted on authentic and correct examples of these knives. Reproductions and fakes do not show the flowing brass on the blade at the ricasso. The projections are roughly filed into shape and the rough finished file marks are clearly evident within the projections of the grip. The interior of the knuckle bow shows even rougher hand finishing.

Overall this is a nice example of a very desirable World War II "Theater Knife" that has a long history of being misidentified. The knife has terrific eye appeal and would certainly make a great addition to any World War II knife or edged weapons collection - in spite of the blade pitting. A scabord is included but isn't the original scabbord.  Sold


To place an order just let me know which items you would like,
and give me your zip code.  


 I'll pack your items for mailing and give you the total.
You may then make payment by check, money order, or PayPal.



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